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Predict tomorrow's mood

Get the forecast for tomorrow while you still have time to make changes. Correl already shows you the correlation between your habits and your mood. Now you can leverage that data to predict the future. If the forecast is good you have encouragement to keep doing things that are working. If it doesn't look great you can take action today and set yourself up for success.

See correlation between habits

You already know how your habits are correlated with your mood. Now you can see how they are correlated with each other. Heard of "habit stacking"? Maybe you'll find that taking a walk today is closely tied to how many calories you eat tomorrow. If losing weight is your primary goal you'll be glad to know what other habits are linked to it.

How it works

Record your data confidentially, and discover useful insights

Track Habits

Easy habit tracking with calendar and streaks

Record Mood

One-click to capture how you feel every day


Get tomorrow's forecast and take action to improve it

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Predict is part of the premium package that is launching soon. But if you sign up now we'll give it to you free forever as a thanks for being an early user.

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